Mission: To respond to water emergencies throughout the Town of East Hampton; Promote water safety in the pool and open water environments. Support charitable community events and organizations.

The East Hampton Volunteer Ocean Rescue traces its roots back to the Dory Rescue Squad, which was comprised of a group of dory boat fishermen who applied their unique professional skills to the noble  enterprise of protecting lives in the waters around East Hampton... no matter the conditions.  The end of the dory fishing era on Eastern Long Island forced the Dory Rescue Squad to disband.  East Hampton Volunteer Ocean Rescue has taken on the responsibility of  protecting swimmers throughout the Town of East Hampton.


Chief: Bob Pucci  (OR -30)

1st Asst. Chief:  Jim Arnold (OR-31)

2nd Asst. Chief: Dave Rossano (OR-32)

Captains: Steve Brierley (OR-33) and Steve McMahon (OR-34)

EH Village

Rossano, Dave * (OR -01)

King, Alex  * (OR -02)

Brierley, Thomas

Calabrese, Theodore

Chapin, Chris

Cohill, TOm

DePasquale, Eugene

Duryea, Julianna

Forst, Michael

Gualtieri, Dan

Hensler, Brian

Kalbacher, Rich

Lagrassa, Anita

Minardi, Chris

Partellow, Chuck

Trigubovich, Andrey


Brierley, Craig * (OR -03)

Caputo, Heather* (OR -04)

Cinque, Chris - 104

Flach, Andrew

Mott, Tom

Osiecki, Katie

Ryan Jr. John - 103

Tarailaite, Rase

Thompson, Jeff

Vaughan, David


Miller, Bob * (OR -05)

Bradley, Scott* (OR -06)

Bahel, Mike

Clark, John

Charron, Jay

Dirico, JD

Erb, John

Flemming, Thom

Foglia, Andrew

MacFarlane, James

McGeehan, John

Monohan, Richard

Treadwell, Tim

Vecchio, Michael


Mougin, Mae*

Barter, Scott*

Forst, Jack

Ryan Sr., John