I want to thank the Volunteer Ocean Rescue Guard for recognizing my need for assistance in completing the ocean swim on July 26 in Ditch Plains. I could NEVER have made it without his help, his encouraging words, his flotation device as well as ability to "tow" me several times. I thought I was prepared to do this half mile swim, but never really found my swimming rhythm. I cannot thank you enough for swimming next to me and helping me finish! I am so grateful for you and what you all do for us!          

— Sincerely, Carolann

We are so thrilled to have East Hampton Volunteer Ocean Rescue as part of The Breast Cancer Research Foundation's Hamptons Paddle for Pink Event on Saturday.  

  —Lucretia Gilbert


Many thanks to all the members of East Hampton Ocean Rescue who supported us on Saturday's Block Challenge. Knowing you were there for us in case of need made all the difference in raising my confidence to complete an 18 mile open ocean paddle..... And while I managed to make it without a tow, when I was ready to ask for one with just 3 miles to go, I received something even better: words of encouragement that helped me paddle thru the last hour ...and some funny stories to take my mind off of my seasickness!             

  — Suzanne Karkus

Great start to the morning, thanks for organizing.    

— Dan

Thank you to the first boarder at the Montauk Triathlon this weekend. I don't know his name but he had curly hair, a beard and the encouraging words of "you can do this". This nameless guy was the first boarder right after the start. As I started the swim, I quickly got turned around and found myself right back where I started. He yelled to me and asked if I was okay. I wanted to quit. I told him this was not my thing and he told me to join him on the board. We talked, I adjusted my suit and when I asked him if he thought I could do it he said, "Absolutely, just take your time and enjoy the race." His words and encouraging way made all the difference and I just wanted him to know that his words, and kinds ways echoed in my head all day.  Thank you to all the rescue workers. Your work is meaningful not only on this day but throughout the year.               — Emily McCavanagh

I did the Red Devil Swim on Sunday and it was awesome!  An incredibly organized event with an impressive competitive field but still a fun mellow feel from start to finish.  All around a stunning morning on Gardiner's Bay... thank you guys!

— Sam Martini

Just wanted to say thank you for putting together such well-organized and fun open water swims!  I did the swim today with my 11-year old daughter, and we both had a blast.  Looking forward to many more.  Just sorry the season is over.        



Anita LaGrassa is an absolute angel. I can't thank her enough for being there for me during the Montauk Half Iron man yesterday. I have never been in so much pain...she asked me twice if I wanted to stop, I told her no and she stuck with me and promised I would finish and she got me through it! Even though it was the worst possible swim ever….I was able to make the cutoff time and finish the Triathlon. Not only did I finish....I PR'd. She is the best…the absolute best and I am forever grateful for her just being her. All of the members of Ocean Rescue by our staff were phenomenal.  I am in tears just recalling the swim and the pain...but they helped me fight through it.  I can never thank them enough.  

— LisaI